GLF prides itself on the diversity of its professionals along ethnic, gender, cultural and religious affiliations. Our staff is a virtual United Nations of cultures and backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to our practice.

Wayne Gill is the former Secretary and Legal Counsel to The Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (SFMSDC) and has been awarded the Macy’s Crystal Award for Outstanding Advocacy for Diverse businesses. On two different occasions, he received the honor of being chosen as Regional and National Minority Supplier (Law Firm) for the SFMSDC as well as a Diversity Hero for the institution.


Gill wrote the book, “Tales My Grandma Told Me – A Business Diversity Fable,” which has been described by some as the “Bible” of Supplier Diversity. The book has since been updated and reissued as "This Business of Supplier Diversity." You may download an excerpt from the book on this page. 

Gill Law Firm has been named as a “Top Business” several years in a row by, a leading platform that showcases top diverse businesses and major corporations with a commitment to diversity. The award is featured on’s Top Business List which receives more that 20 million viewers annually.


The firm has also been awarded the "Doing Well While Doing Good Award" for its work in supporting families living below federal poverty guidelines with food, clothing, counseling and job placement. 


Gill Law Firm became a member of its local National Minority Supplier Development Council in 1999. In the 20-year period since joining the council, the firm as seen seismic changes across the business and socioeconomic landscape. In that brief window, companies such as Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Apple, among others, have completely disrupted industries and the way we communicate, conduct business or even book a lodging. 

We've also seen significant upticks in the growth of minority and women-owned businesses. But numerous challenges remain. It can be argued that while gains have been made, minority-owned businesses trail their counter-parts in building generational wealth. Thus, advocacy is needed to assure that the rising tide of prosperity also carries small businesses, the backbone of the overall economy. 


In this episode of their popular webcast, Wayne and Sharon Gill discuss the nuances  between establishing a corporate vision, mission and set of core values. These topics are often confusing, with important-sounding jargon thrown around. Here, Wayne and Sharon simplify the terms, but they also offer the greater challenge of defining core values that represent a company's highest aspirations.     

We hope you will enjoy the discussion. Be sure to download your FREE EXCERPT from This Business Of Supplier Diversity!