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In what format does the firm accept file placements?

The firm is able to accept file placements in a multiple formats. Some of the supported formats are as follows:


  • Paper placements delivered via regular mail or facsimile

  • Electronic placements delivered via email with attachments in zip or pdf format

  • Electronic Data Interchange

What is your collection process?

Our collection process is tailored to the need of the specific client. In some instances, clients desire a call and collect strategy which requires involvement from our collection staff. The firm employs highly trained and experienced non-attorney collectors who are skilled at making collection calls. In the event the call and collect strategy is unsuccessful within a specified time frame, the file will be reviewed by an attorney for potential litigation.


Once an attorney reviews the file and determines the legal grounds for a law suit, a written recommendation is made to the client. The firm will then follow the client’s instructions. Some clients do not require the call and collect phase, preferring to go immediately to suit. In such instances, the firm follows the client’s instructions. Once a judgment is obtained, the firm will again seek approval for post-judgment collection activities, if such instructions have not been previously obtained.

Are there any fees charged beyond the rates quoted on this website?

Relationships between the firm and its clients are governed by written fee agreement. The fee agreements set forth how all fees and costs are calculated and no fee will be charged that is not covered by the fee agreement. In a typical collection matter, GLF’s fees are contingent upon recovery and so there are no fees charged if it is unsuccessful in collecting the debt. If the client approves the matter for litigation, the client will pay all court-related costs. Such costs may be recoverable from the debtor in many instances.

How are fees remitted, and at what intervals?

Cleared funds are remitted to clients pursuant to their instructions in a variety of formats and schedules. In some instances, clients receive cleared funds via bank check remitted at pre-arranged intervals. Other clients receive remittances via wire transfer or other forms of electronic payment. Whatever, the format, the firm is prepared to efficiently remit cleared funds to clients seamlessly.

Are there any limitations on the age and/or size of the debt that you collect?

Our policy is to review the potential debt portfolio on a case by case basis. The firm has been successful in collecting debts that are severely aged as well as debts with balances that do not warrant litigation. Some of the factors considered in making the determination on severely aged or small balance accounts are size of the portfolio, business relationship with the client, availability of back-up documentation, flexibility in rates and Statute of Limitations issues.​

What are some of the industries collected by the firm?

One of our strengths is our ability to collect across a wide variety of industries in both the commercial and consumer arenas. While this is not an exhaustive list, the firm handles volume collections for clients in the following industries:


  • Financial Institutions

  • Equipment Leasing

  • Publishing & Advertising

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Professional Services

  • Automotive Industry

  • Construction Industry

  • Online Publishing

  • Student Loans

  • Landlord and Tenant

Will GLF accept claims recalled from another law firm or collection agency?

Yes. The firm will conduct its own due diligence on such accounts and will apply its own collection treatment to the files. GLF may be able to effectuate remedies that are overlooked by existing law firms or collection agencies. GLF prides itself on collecting files that other firms deem uncollectible.​

When is the best time to place a claim?

The earlier, the better. The ability to collect on a file diminishes with age. It makes sense to assess your situation early and to make your decisions accordingly. Ask us for our chart which graphically demonstrates the decrease in the collectability of a file, over time. 

Are there any advantages to hiring a law firm over a collection agency?

There are several advantages to working with a law firm. The primary advantage is that the law firm brings the full array of legal remedies in the event negotiation is unsuccessful. Collection agencies have to refer matters they could not resolve to law firms.

Do your rates increase in the event of a trial?

Rates are calculated on an individual basis. However, typically, contingent rates do not increase in the event of trial.


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