You've gotten your judgment. Now what? Obtaining a judgment is only the first step in seeking to collect upon one. In order to collect the underlying debt, there are several processes required to establish your judgment lien. After that, a judgment creditor is privy to a panoply of possible remedies, including, but not limited to garnishment of bank accounts or wages, attachment of assets; levy on assets, and probing financial discovery. The key is that the judgment enforcement process must be handled in a step-by-step, methodical fashion for the best chances of recovery. Whether GLF is responsible for obtaining the judgment or our client received it through another source, the judgment is put through a a four-part process in order to maximize the possibiulity of collection. 


Our post-judgment approach has the following components:


  • Creating The Judgment-Lien


            First, we will ensure that the judgment is properly docketed and recorded as a valid judgment lien on real and personal property in all jurisdictions where your judgment-debtor may own property.


  • Identifying Collectible Assets


            Next, by leveraging our asset search capabilities, we will seek to identify collectible assets. Florida law also provides ample means of post-judgment discovery, including, but not limited to depositions in aid of execution, interrogatories in aid of execution, proceedings supplementary to execution, and Fact Information Sheets to be executed under oath, by judgment-debtors. 


  • Executing On The Judgment


            Based on our findings and your instructions, a plan of execution will be agreed upon. Some of the methods of execution may involve bank or wage garnishments, sheriff’s levy, replevin or any other appropriate legal remedy.


  • Monitoring The File


            Finally, we will monitor the file for the life of the judgment, assuming the judgment-debtor is still viable. 

Domesticating a Foreign Judgment

GLF is prepared to domesticate your foreign judgment in the state of Florida. All that is required is an exemplified copy of the judgment from the state and court of origin, and the firm will file the necessary papers to enable execution in the state of Florida. Once the judgment has been domesticated, the firm will employ its four-part judgment collection strategy mentioned above. You may call us for further details regarding how to domesticate your foreign judgment in the state of Florida.


Liquidate Your Lien.