Before You Ligitate. Let Us Negotiate.

GLF focuses its practice on collections and creditor's rights litigation. However, the firm is able to resolve multiple claims without the expense or time commitment associated with protracted litigation. GLF employs pre-litigation collection agents who are fully trained in call and collect strategies. The pre-litigation process involves leveraging attorney demand letter dunning and outbound calls from our collection staff, under attorney supervision.


Pre-litigation intervention can be an extremely effective means of recovery. Many parties are amenable to negotiating a controversy prior to suit. Based on instructions from our clients, the firm makes every attempt to resolve a matter, prior to initiating a court proceeding.  This process affords several strategic advantages for our clients, including, but not limited to:


  • Cost Savings

             Eliminate court costs, litigation fees, time and opportunity-costs related to litigation.


  • Rapid Resolution

             Obtain recoveries promptly by avoiding formal legal proceedings.


  • Case Optimization

             Pre-litigation treatment allows you to properly vet and isolate matters best suited for litigation.

Where litigation is required by our clients or warranted based on the facts, GLF is poised to act in accordance with our client's instructions. However, where a client requires a longer-term approach to their matters, the firm is flexible through its Pre-litigation capabilities. Prevailing in a matter is not always based on the first party to the courthouse. It is often a matter of good faith negotiations, and creativity.