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Five Reasons Your Company Should Retain A Florida-Based Collections Firm

There is a trend for companies to utilize large, multi-state collections law firms when collecting receivables. While it may make financial sense to utilize a large, multi-state collections law firm in a sparsely populated state, such as Montana, Florida is a very unique state with its own set of challenges in collecting receivables. Below are five reasons why your company should retain the services of a Florida-based collections law firm, such as Gill Law Firm.

1. Large Firms Rely Almost Exclusively On Coverage Counsel

Large, multi-state collections law firms rely almost exclusively on coverage counsel to cover hearings. Coverage attorneys, while serving a valuable purpose, often times practice other areas of law and therefore are unfamiliar with collections matters. Moreover, it is entirely possible that the very attorney who represents your company may represent an adversary on a different case. Lastly, coverage attorneys are generally paid between $50.00 and $100.00 via a scheduling service to cover hearings, win or lose; therefore, coverage attorneys are not as incentivized to achieve favorable results on your behalf.

Gill Law Firm is centrally located in Delray Beach, Florida, which is within driving distance of a majority of the judicial circuits in Florida. While in certain circumstances Gill Law Firm will utilize coverage counsel, who are screened and prepped by an in-house attorney, Gill Law Firm makes every effort for one of its attorneys to attend its hearings.

2. Reputation

A law firm’s reputation can impact the outcome of a case. If a law firm has a positive reputation in the community, judges may be more inclined to grant their motions and adverse attorneys will be more inclined to want to resolve their cases. Not only is Gill Law Firm’s attorneys actively involved in our community (See our Giving Back Page), we've also practiced before the courts in Florida an Georgia for almost twenty years.

3. Florida Has Unique Laws

Florida has unique laws that make it challenging to collect receivables. Please review some of the other Blog Posts on this site to see ways in which Florida is differentiated from many other states.

4. Florida Is The Third Most Populous State

Florida has over 20 million residents and is the third most populous state in the country. Clients are best served by a firm that has long lasting, statewide coverage.

5. Customer Support

When you utilize the services of a local collections law firm, you build a relationship with the staff. There is customer support to answer questions and to provide feedback. Life and business are still about relationships. It's beneficial to build a relationship with a partner for the long term, rather than a "hired hand" when needed.

Founded in 1997, Gill Law Firm represents small, medium and large corporations in commercial debt recovery, small business and nonprofit startups throughout the state of Florida. To find out how the firm may help your company, please contact A. Wayne Gill, Esq. via email at or by phone at (561) 454-0301.

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